International supply chains are in disarray, and with no indication they will normalise any time soon how can business owners meet demand, maintain margins and achieve resilience and profitability in their operations?

It’s time to face facts about international procurement.

Fact 1: Disruption is the new normal. Deal with it.

Supply chains were already strained before the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, they’re broken, with unfulfilled orders, soaring shipping costs and unpredictable delivery times the new norm. 

Severity varies from sector to sector and country to country, but the risk inherent in unstable supply chains isn’t going away any time soon.

 The time to reduce exposure to that risk is now.

Fact 2: Managing supply requires a strategic approach.

“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

In 2022, navigation of fragmented and fluid global supply networks is an undeniably complex – even daunting – task.

Nevertheless, learning to manage these networks and mitigate risk – and perhaps even seize strategic advantage when it presents itself – is the order of the day.

An optimised procurement strategy can spread that risk, provide local market exclusives, improve profitability immensely and much more.

Put simply, a clear-eyed, forward thinking supply chain strategy is required, backed up by the expertise and influence to get results.

Fact 3: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

When manufacturers are under pressure, it’s actually relationships at the manufacturing coalface that seal the deal. 

In an uncertain, hyper-competitive manufacturing marketplace, collaborating with established global supply solution providers that can leverage long standing personal relationships with manufacturers in Guangzhou (and have actual boots on the ground there) makes the difference between securing the right products at the right price, delivered on time – and not.

It bears repeating: expertise, influence and exclusive partnership agreements at the manufacturing coalface are what makes the difference.

Need a better price, some unique customisation or last-minute priority treatment? The solution is forming real relationships with manufacturers.

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